Friday, February 20, 2009

Me and da Boys

Here's more of January's knitting.

This newborn sweater is for baby Hudson.  It's a simple knit/purl, sort of a broken rib pattern, made with Cascade's sock yarn.   The buttons are antiques from the button box.  I really like this little guy.  It's quite manly yet soft.  I used Size 2 needles - my favorite.

Next are two more sweaters knit with Bernat Jacquards - Country Kid colorway.   I love working with self-striping yarns.  The first is a pullover with two more antique buttons from the button box.  It's a Size 1 for Nathan.

The second is a cardigan, Size 9 months, for Hudson.  I'm thinking spotted owls - aren't you?
I did a little planning with these.  I started the cardigan  with the stripe that seemed to be the widest.  I then did the sleeves using just the brown stripes  and did the button bands with the green and oranges.  When I started Nathan's, I started with the sleeves in the browns and hoped that I would have enough.   It worked out nicely using the remainder of the ball; the yoke is in the green/orange and there was enough of the brown left for the neckband.

The next two cardigans are quick little ditties in a cotton blend yarn from Bernat.  One ball makes a sweater and it comes with three duck buttons.  Both are in Size 1,  The green one is for Nathan,

and the blue one is for Hudson.

These were really fun to knit.  The pattern is included with the yarn. There's the cardigan pattern here and also a pullover pattern.  I chose the cardigan because it used all three buttons. Putting just one button into the button box bothers me.  I used the pullover pattern to knit Nathan's spotted owl pullover.   Of course, I knit the bodies in a circular fashion to avoid side seams. 

I also made a Size 6 month old hoodie for Hudson.  It has cables and is in another manly blue yarn - Fantasy Dark Horse yarn - Nylon/Acrylic blend.   In my rush to the post office, I forgot to photograph it.

Next post - What's been going on in February?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog, Already!

Ok, Ok.  I've procrastinated long enough.  Here's the start of my blog.  I'm going to keep a record of everything I knit during 2009.  As it moves along, maybe I'll add some tips and patterns.

Here goes!

January was "knitting for babies" month.  I knit a few things for Hudson, Ally and Nathan.

I finished this cardigan for Ally during the Rose Bowl.  I used an acrylic, self-striping yarn, Berant Jr. Jacquards Pink-o-Rama.  I knit it in one piece from sleeve to sleeve so that the stripes would be relatively the same width.  Once I got to the middle, I knit from the other end of the ball.  I knit all the edges in hot pink to give it more continuity.   The buttons are antique shell buttons from the button box.  Adorable, non?

More for Ally:

Here's a little hippie vest.  It's knit from homespun in garter stitch, also from side to side.  I used Nicky Epstein's trick of adding three extra sts at the bottom edge and then unraveling them when it is done. 

Voila!  Looped fringe!

A sleeveless shell with a lace heart on the front.  It's knit Mandarin Petit, a cotton yarn on 2.00mm needles.  I finished the edges with reverse stockinette.  It also has an antique shell button at the back opening.
This pattern is from More Paintbox Knits and is knit in a sport weight cotton.  There's a purchased applique at the neck.

I got the idea for this little vest from a visit to the shopping mall.  It's knit with Rowan all seasons cotton.  I knit it one piece to the armholes and then divided for the bodice.  I picked a vine lace pattern from one of Barbara Walker's treasuries, added a row of eyelet beading and then used an allover eyelet on the top.  It's finished with  reverse stockinette rolled edges.

Next we'll look at Hudson's and Nathan's sweaters.