Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog, Already!

Ok, Ok.  I've procrastinated long enough.  Here's the start of my blog.  I'm going to keep a record of everything I knit during 2009.  As it moves along, maybe I'll add some tips and patterns.

Here goes!

January was "knitting for babies" month.  I knit a few things for Hudson, Ally and Nathan.

I finished this cardigan for Ally during the Rose Bowl.  I used an acrylic, self-striping yarn, Berant Jr. Jacquards Pink-o-Rama.  I knit it in one piece from sleeve to sleeve so that the stripes would be relatively the same width.  Once I got to the middle, I knit from the other end of the ball.  I knit all the edges in hot pink to give it more continuity.   The buttons are antique shell buttons from the button box.  Adorable, non?

More for Ally:

Here's a little hippie vest.  It's knit from homespun in garter stitch, also from side to side.  I used Nicky Epstein's trick of adding three extra sts at the bottom edge and then unraveling them when it is done. 

Voila!  Looped fringe!

A sleeveless shell with a lace heart on the front.  It's knit Mandarin Petit, a cotton yarn on 2.00mm needles.  I finished the edges with reverse stockinette.  It also has an antique shell button at the back opening.
This pattern is from More Paintbox Knits and is knit in a sport weight cotton.  There's a purchased applique at the neck.

I got the idea for this little vest from a visit to the shopping mall.  It's knit with Rowan all seasons cotton.  I knit it one piece to the armholes and then divided for the bodice.  I picked a vine lace pattern from one of Barbara Walker's treasuries, added a row of eyelet beading and then used an allover eyelet on the top.  It's finished with  reverse stockinette rolled edges.

Next we'll look at Hudson's and Nathan's sweaters.

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  1. 'bout time! Glad to see this...and BEAUTIFUL pieces. Photos should be closer for details.
    Can't wait to see what comes next.