Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting Beady-Eyed

I had been itching to knit with some beads.  I had some sock yarn from Lorna's Laces in some lovely pinks and violets  and some violet beads.  (It's still February, hence the need for the purple palette.)  I decided to knit the River Rocks scarf, from the book No Sheep For You,  that has been popular on Ravelry.  I settled in one evening,  frigid temps outside, Dr. Who on the telly and proceeded to knit a ...... Penthouse centerfold!  I was shocked by the outcome.  My knitting needles needed cleansing with holy water.  I shall spare my gentle readers and not post a photo - not that one was taken.  After some eyebrow raising by myself and a quick consult with Charlie, the first 5 inches or so were deemed pornographic.  I proceeded to rip.

Still feeling the need to experience the River Rocks,  I took up with some Art Fibers silk yarn from the stash and some multicolored beads.  Keeping with the theme,  river and rock colors were used.  If you care to imagine this in shades of pinks, you may conjure up a pornographic image of your own.

It was a lot of fun to knit, although my beads may have been a bit too big or maybe not uniform enough so I used one less bead on Row 4 of each rock.  

So Lorna's sock yarn ($1 at a yard sale, aren't I clever?) is back in the stash.   The violet beads were put into service with some leftover handpaint from Sandy's Palette.   Yeah! - it's late February 2009 and I'm finally knitting with wool!

Pictures of the "masterpiece"  will have to wait until the next post.....

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